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Leisurelands chooses WPS' Paperless Parking Solution

Eindhoven, March 5, 2024 Leisurelands, which manages 19 recreational areas in Gelderland, Netherlands, has awarded the tender for a new parking system to WPS, the market leader in cloud-based parking management solutions. The innovative, paperless parking solution, based on license plate recognition, offers a range of benefits for both Leisurelands and its visitors. The pilot implementation starts at the Mookerplas and Zeumeren locations, with potential expansion to the other 17 sites if successful.

Faster, easier, and sustainable

"We were looking for a modern and sustainable parking system that is quick and easy for our visitors," says Hans Huisman, Operations Manager at Leisurelands. "The new system from WPS is based on license plate recognition and is completely paperless. This ensures a smoother flow of traffic at the entrance and exit and eliminates the need for cash or parking tickets."

Enhanced efficiency and cost savings

Beyond visitor advantages, the system offers Leisurelands numerous benefits. WPS implements a fully integrated system with web-based access and remotely controlled cameras. This allows for remote management, improving efficiency. Local managers receive tablets with 4/5G connections for easy operation, while unique camera image integration provides direct visual access alongside the Parking Management System (PMS).

"We now have better control over available parking spaces," explains Huisman. "We also expect maintenance and paper cost savings, as the terminals have fewer moving parts and no longer use paper."

The pilot phase

The initial implementation takes place at Mookerplas and Zeumeren. Successful pilots would lead to system rollout across the remaining 17 Leisurelands locations.

Future-proof Solution

"We're thrilled about collaborating with Leisurelands," says Jasper Adriaans, WPS Account Manager. "Our paperless solution advances sustainability and efficiency, while being completely future-proof. We're confident this partnership will positively impact visitors' parking experience."

Huisman shares the optimism: "This partnership with WPS allows us to modernize and improve the parking experience for our visitors. We look forward to a successful pilot at Mookerplas and Zeumeren, with potential expansion to our other locations."


------ About Leisurelands  ------

Leisurelands is the largest provider of leisure activities in the eastern part of the Netherlands. With 19 recreational areas, we welcome approximately 4 to 5 million visitors annually. The Leisurelands areas appeal to all target groups, and in collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs, we offer a wide range of recreational opportunities. You can find restaurants, sauna complexes, playgrounds, water sports, and much more. Hosting major festivals like Down the Rabbit Hole, Emporium, and Ground Zero, Leisurelands is also a significant player in organizing events. Additionally, there are ongoing sustainability initiatives such as electric charging and energy generation.



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