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Lelystad Airport - Transformation to an international airport

Lelystad Airport (NL) is transforming from a regional airport for small aviation (General Aviation) into an international holiday airport. Part of this is the expansion of parking capacity to more than 3,300 parking places. To make the parking services as efficient and customer-friendly as possible, the client Viggo uses a modern parking management system from WPS.

20190402 Lelystad airport terminalThe basis of the parking solution for Lelystad Airport is the ParkiD software platform. This is the newest in the field of parking management software. Due to the high growth ambition of the airport, WPS will grow in the coming years to improve the customer experience, combined with the most efficient parking management possible by aviation service provider Viggo.

The parking area of ​​the airport offers various challenges, for example in the field of optimizing the traffic flows of the many user groups. For example, by applying license plate recognition, passengers with a reservation, employees, taxis and regular buses drive in and out. In addition, WPS also provides the Business Parking software module; a private portal for companies on and around the airport grounds. For example, car rental companies can use this to manage the parking rights of their own parkers, rental cars and employees. A major advantage of this is that Viggo is not responsible for the administrative handling of the various companies.

Companies in and around the airport building that offer discounts to passengers and visitors make use of ValiD, a handy website or app with which discounts can be granted at the touch of a button. The user (a shop or company at or around the airport) scans the parking ticket and grants a discount via defined discount buttons.

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