ParkAdvance parking equipment

First class engineering and design

The first impression counts and even at a distance, with ParkAdvance you show your parkers that you set high quality standards. The entire design is aimed at the parker and intuitive ease of use. The system design is a fusion of the very best in mechanical, electronic and software engineering to bring unprecedented levels of functionality and versatility, coupled with the outstanding quality and reliability that is the hallmark of our success. Not only are they brilliantly engineered, but also beautifully designed, to complement the very best parking environments.

ParkAdvance Entry and POFMaximising uptime

WPS is renowned for its hardware reliability and exceptional service levels, which help maximise your uptime. ParkAdvance also integrates real time remote monitoring and diagnostics to quickly/easily identify potential issues and resolve them.

Enhanced revenues

ParkAdvance incorporates a whole host of new revenue-generating features, such as streaming on-screen advertising, and the latest in highly-accurate theft and fraud protection measures. These features serve to deliver maximum revenue generation from your parking operations.

Comprehensive functionality

ParkAdvance offers everything you would expect from a sophisticated Pay-on-Foot solution including comprehensive cash and card handling options as well as new ways to pay. The system also accommodates a whole range of identifiers (tickets, smart cards, ANPR etc.) and through special configurations such as ‘Self-Managed Subscribers’ and ‘Pooling’.

Enhanced consumer experience

ParkAdvance is designed with the consumer in mind,and its terminals feature simple, intuitive controls. The screens are fully configurable and can include audio video instructions to assist consumers at the Paystation alongside our fully IP based video intercom. Replacement tickets can even be issued automatically (after checking against system records) and all current and future payment methods can be accommodated. The system is built to be fully DDA compliant, catering for all customer needs.

Reduced operating costs

ParkAdvance not only improves revenue, but the reliability and quality of its hardware helps to drive down operating costs.

Proven return on investment

ParkAdvance is a safe, long-term investment for your business. Our solutions use the latest technology and thinking, and can be readily adapted to future needs and as your parking portfolio grows. The durability and reliability of our systems are also best-in-class.

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