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ParkiD car park management system suite

new guiWith its unique fully IP-based modular architecture, ParkiD has been specifically developed for today’s interconnected world enabling you, for example, to manage CCTV, payments, parking management and your other systems through a single integrated network.

ParkiD supports financial functionality ranging from coin and note cash management to chip and PIN and (where available) contactless payment. A whole range of access identifiers are supported, including barcode technology, WPS RFID cards, third party RFID cards, NFC smart phones and ANPR. These can even be used in special combinations to further improve car park operation and support specialist schemes such as ‘Pooling’, ‘Self-Managed Subscribers’ and Loyalty Programmes.

ParkiD provides significant improvements in customer experience through a number of enhanced features. Station screens can now display more information (for example, guidance videos to assist customers at the paystation). Screens are remotely viewable and can be flexibly updated from your control room. Consumers can buy and renew parking ticket products (such as weekly passes) from the paystation. Marketing and loyalty-related information can now be used to interact directly with your customers through, for example, their smartphones. Subscribing customers can also manage their car park payments through the internet.

ParkAdvance hardware

Paystation FR

ParkAdvance entry/exit and payment stations provide a user friendly and a low maintenance solution for various customers. The system design is a fusion of the very best in mechanical, electronic and software engineering bringing you unprecedented levels of functionality and versatility coupled with the outstanding reliability you have always expected from WPS.

Our meticulous hardware engineering not only focuses on aesthetics and durability, but also provides a perfect combination of sophisticated features and ease of configuration and use. WPS ParkAdvance software, ParkiD, with its completely new IP-based operating system architecture, is at the very forefront of excellent IT design. Unlike other systems, it has been designed specifically for today’s interconnected world and provides a perfect platform to support your developing future car park design needs.

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