ValiD discount platform

ValiD is a low-threshold, innovative and intelligent discount platform that can be widely used. The platform includes a cloud-based, online discount application that allows entrepreneurs such as retailers, supermarkets, catering facilities, hotels, theaters, cinemas and sports centers to easily and independently provide discounts to their (paying) visitors, independent of the WPS parking management system.

The ValiD discount platform can be used via a web portal, a handy discount scanner or a handy, free app (for IOS and Android). Installation of specific programs or software is not required. Only an internet connection is sufficient to get started.

ValiD: a unique discount platform

  • Suitable for all business models: ValiD meets the needs of many different types of companies for tailor-made parking discounts and / or converting customers.
  • Scalable: ValiD is applicable for one or more parking facilities - essential in larger city centers.
  • Detailed insights: the management back-end offers parking managers accurate and detailed real-time insights into the use of ValiD.
  • On-the-go flexibility: the app can be used anytime and anywhere, only a (WiFi) internet connection is necessary.
  • Low operating costs: the ValiD module can use the existing network, infrastructure and even its own (computer) equipment.
  • Real-time processing: discounts and changes made to short-term parking cards are processed directly online.
  • Ultimate customer experience: ValiD contributes to an optimal customer experience, the benefits of which will exceed the value of the discounts offered.

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