Multi-tenant Business Parking

Owners of multi-tenanted car parks are traditionally faced with the administrative burden of managing the parking space allocation, pooling system, employee registration and visitor management of all the businesses served by their car park. Alleviate the burden of admin duties with cloud-based TenantiD from WPS! 

TenantiD, the self-managed, self-sufficient solution for multi-tenant sites, helps universities, hospitals, and multiple business organizations manage their parking spaces quickly and efficiently with flexible options that allow for Multiple User Groups, Varying Tariffs, Season Tickets and more. Most importantly, TenantiD is user-friendly and is always poised to give your guests a positive, professional experience. 

Benefits at-a-glance for Operators

  • Reduced administration: significant reduction in the administrative burden of managing passes and registering license plates at multi-tenant and multi-use sites.
  • Maximized revenue: a straightforward system that empowers owners to rent out additional and out-of-hours spaces.
  • Increased flexibility: each tenant can use parking spaces in a way that works best for them, enabling the operator to provide more flexible service.
  • Enhanced hospitality: pre-registration of visitors provides a hassle-free, customer-centric experience that increases tenant satisfaction.
  • Easy reporting: the cloud-based software provides accessible information on overall car park use and revenues, as well as reports to send to tenants linked to their individual billing systems.

Benefits at-a-glance for Tenants

  • Flexibility and control: tenants are empowered to control their own parking allocation and access additional unallocated spaces without having to liaise with the car park owner.
  • Convenience: the system provides tenants with the ability to create, edit, and remove employees and identifiers (license plate numbers and Mifare cards) from any mobile device using their unique login.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: tenants provide their visitors with automatic access, as well as a welcome message at the entry station. The system retains information on regular guests for an enhanced customer experience. 
  • Reporting: tenants can view detailed information on car park usage, including individual employee use, overstays, cost and parking pool usage. 

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