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To further improve your customer’s experience, increase occupancy levels and maximize your revenues, car park operators are increasingly looking at how technology and smart applications can help. Customers too are looking for an easy and reliable way of finding a parking space through a familiar, online booking platform that gives them the certainty that parking will be available where they need it, and at an attractive rate. 

WPS’ Parking Webshop is the answer; a ready-made and highly secure e-commerce site that is easy for operators to integrate within an existing platform or use on its own, and even easier for customers to use where parking is an essential part of their total experience.

Specialist e-commerce software 

At the heart of WPS Parking Webshop is a world-leading e-commerce software platform that is secure, robust and reliable for operator and customer alike. Designed to seamlessly integrate within an existing system or use stand-alone, the WPS Parking Webshop comes with a series of standard and customisable ‘parking products’ to meet the operator’s own particular preferences and goals. 

Maximising the operator benefits

WPS’ Parking Webshop is similarly designed to maximise an operator’s most valuable asset:

  • Increasing revenues: A convenient and highly functional ‘ready-made’ tool providing another avenue to sell parking spaces, and enabling the promotion of periods of low-occupancy.
  • Instant visibility: Purchases, changes and cancellations are processed in real-time, so operators have 24/7 reliable visibility of car park usage and availability of parking spaces per parking product.
  • Supporting locality: Discounts are easily provided to customers using promotional codes from retailers or event organisers. 
  • Customer loyalty: The operator’s ability to simply add offers and discounts according to the season and forthcoming events can attract repeat custom and customer loyalty. Retailers can also include a button direct to the Parking Webshop on their own websites for further promotion and customer convenience. 
  • Reduced administration: In addition to selling car parking spaces, the Parking Webshop enables regular car park users to book parking in bulk directly, rather than ‘renting spaces’ through the operator.
  • Customisable: The Parking Webshop can be adapted according to the operator’s chosen color scheme and branding. 
  • Multiple car parks: The Parking Webshop can include multiple car parks within an operator’s portfolio. 
  • Highly-functional support: The intuitive back-office platform can be set up by the operator or WPS, with full support in providing a suite of on-demand functionality.  
  • Cloud reporting: Standard and customizable reports are available at any time and from anywhere. Reports use historical data to inform on: the optimal balance between online sales and on-the-day availability; how customers are using the website, e.g. popularity of products and how long time is spent on specific pages; and revenue calculation incorporating stakeholder and retailer discounts. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation: SEO functionality is integrated into the Webshop as standard. 
  • Global: Available in multiple languages.

Maximising the customer experience 

  • Convenience: A highly responsive platform, where consumers can make reservations, pay and edit their booking via their smartphone, tablet or PC without requiring operator assistance. 
  • Flexibility: Customers are able to manage identifiers such as license plate information directly through their account.  
  • Ease-of-use: A well-established and instantly recognisable web portal which is intuitive and easy to use. 
  • Real time information: Live information on spaces available and user parking history is available at the touch of a button, enabling even very last-minute booking when required.

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