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Parking Solutions for Airports

Airports are dynamic places, with a constant flow of passengers, visitors, suppliers, public transit operators, taxis, and employees. Since there is also a continuous demand for short-term and long-term parking, parking facilities must be designed in a way that allows all these groups to park quickly, easily, and with user-friendly technologies in and around the airport. This is facilitated by a reliable, flexible, and user-friendly parking management system that can be adapted to unique situations and features. WPS Parking Solutions has more than 35 years of experience and provides international airports in Europe with innovative customized solutions.

Scalable parking management system

Solid, scalable, and future-proof, our ParkID parking management system is also reliable, meets strict quality standards, and is technologically stable. ParkID consists of a number of very extensive basic features and can be extended as needed with various additional modules, features, and applications. New parking facilities can be connected to the existing ParkID software platform, so you can manage all your parking facilities from a single platform. You can manage the facilities remotely through a web application. ParkID can easily be linked to internal systems and third-party systems. This means your parking solution can be fully adapted to your specific situation and provide you with an optimal customer experience.

Booking parking spaces

After booking a trip, passengers want to make sure they will have a parking space available. WPS provides you with multiple options to have your clients book online parking spaces. Our systems can be easily linked to your own booking system or third-party booking systems. 

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