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Parking Solutions for Businesses

As the location manager of a multi-tenant building or company with its own mixed-use parking facility, you are committed to making your employees and guests feel at home and seek to provide them with user-friendly services. Additionally, you want to prevent unauthorized individuals from using your parking facilities. A smart system enables you to manage parking, provide fast access for employees and guests, and keep out trespassers. With a variety of options available, you can divide parking space among tenants, generate additional income outside office hours, and reduce paperwork in the process. WPS Parking Solutions has more than 35 years of experience and knows the various markets and user groups like no other. This enables us time and again to create and implement user-friendly solutions that suit the purpose of each parking facility.

Business Parking Software Module

The Business Parking software module is an addition to our ParkID parking management system, with just one purpose: making the work of owners and operators of parking facilities as easy as possible. Business Parking enables your tenants to quickly and efficiently use their available parking spaces, with flexible options and from a user-friendly web portal. This takes a lot of administrative work off their hands and provides tenants with the option to welcome employees and guests with a friendly, smooth, and easy parking experience.

Detailed management information

The management reports you will find in ParkID allow you to keep track of your use of the parking facilities. This information will provide you with guidelines on implementing operational improvements. You can use our cloud-based Enterprise Reporting module to extend these reports to include, among other features, customized reports that are sent out to you regularly and automatically. If you’re using our Business Parking module, you will also have access to information on how individual users use the parking facility, which you can easily share with your tenants and which is used as the basis for billing.

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