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Parking Solutions for Hospitals

We believe hospital parking facilities should be pleasant, comfortable, easy to use, and, above all, problem-free for patients, visitors, staff, and suppliers. Due to the various user groups, the fact that parking management tends to be an afterthought, and the high user intensity and peak-time traffic, hospital parking calls for a different approach than parking in other types of settings. Parking problems should be the last thing on visitors’ minds. With our decades of experience with parking solutions for hospitals, WPS Parking Solutions is a supplier and partner that can handle the sensitive and complex area of hospital parking and is able to anticipate these special needs.

Various forms of parking

To prevent unauthorized users from keeping parking places occupied, many hospitals opt for an enclosed parking facility operated by a parking management system. This also provides a variety of options for allowing different types of parkers to park in a way that is hospitable, fast, and easy. A license plate recognition (LPR) system, for example, ensures that short-term parkers such as visitors and suppliers can exit quickly. After a visitor has paid at the payment terminal inside the hospital, the license plate recognition camera reads the license plate and verifies this in the system, after which the visitor can exit the parking facility without needing to present their parking pass. Our high processing speed ensures that drivers can pass through quickly, and in addition specific solutions are provided for other facilities on the hospital grounds, including the ER (Emergency Room), the blood bank, and care homes, along with special accommodations for dialysis patients or staff.

Staff parking

Many hospitals and care institutions have made specific arrangements with staff regarding the use of parking facilities, including a staff parking lot, a special subscription, or monthly billing. We provide the option to link employee access cards and the license plate numbers of staff vehicles to our parking management system in order to stick to the arrangements made. Staff members can use their employee access cards and/or license plates to enter and exit the facility, and it is also possible to top up employee cards at the payment terminals and use the employee card to pay at the exit terminal. This eliminates the need to put an extra system into use to regulate parking facilities for employees. If we create a link with internal systems, we only extract the requisite information, such as the license plate number. Our links meet strict quality requirements and laws and regulations for personal data protection. The information and data is available only for a short period of time and is not visible to the parking operators, or depends on the roles and rights people use to log in to the parking system.

We take work off your hands

Our systems are future-proof, low maintenance, and based on a secure and stable technology that’s not prone to breakdown. Since they also meet high quality standards, you can be secure in the knowledge that you can use our systems and equipment for many years. If you are responsible for first-line maintenance we will train your employees, so that they have the knowledge and expertise they need to act swiftly in the event of problems or when maintenance is necessary. A team of WPS professionals guarantees high-quality maintenance. Our parking management system provides several types of management reports, including on average parking duration, which you can access in order to make operational improvements.

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