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Spaarne Gasthuis

The Spaarne Gasthuis is a research hospital with branches in Haarlem and Hoofddorp and outpatient clinics in Heemstede, Hillegom, Haarlem Noord, and Nieuw-Vennep. The hospital employs a staff of more than 4,000 and a catchment area of more than 500,000 people.

WPS Parking Solutions installed a new parking management system in the existing parking facilities at the Haarlem-Noord and Haarlem-Zuid branches. This involves the installation of new hardware at the visitors’ site, the staff section, the dialysis department, and the ambulance entries and exits. The Spaarne Gasthuis and WPS have been working together for many years, and the hospital had been using their old parking system for more than 15 years.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    As part of its commitment to receiving patients, visitors, suppliers, and staff efficiently and hospitably, the Spaarne Gasthuis wanted to extend the payment options to include cashless options and entering and exiting the parking facility using employee cards. This was no longer possible with the current parking equipment, which had become obsolete after 15 years.
  • The solution:

    We equipped the parking facilities at the Haarlem branches with our state-of-the-art ParkID parking management system and ParkAdvance Parking Equipment, including entry and exit terminals, license plate recognition technology, WPS-229 barriers, cashless and full-service payment terminals, and an intercom system. As part of cost-saving measures, we came up with a technical workaround to continue using the current cables. We also integrated the employee access cards with the parking management system. Permanent employees enter and exit using their personal employee access card. The amounts are then deducted once a month by the payroll department.
  • The result:

    Our comprehensive solution provides the Spaarne Gasthuis full support in its parking management. ParkID not only represents a highly secure system, but is also fully prepared for the future and fully meets the hospital’s hospitality needs and standards.

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