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Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven-Best

The Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven-Best has recently opened. Located a stone's throw from Eindhoven airport,  it offers the ideal base for holidaymakers and business travellers. And with over 200 luxury rooms and suites, a stylish a la carte & Live Cooking restaurant, meeting rooms, bar, wellness and swimming pool, the hotel belongs to one of the larger Valk Exclusive Hotels.

As a preferred supplier for Van der Valk, WPS has achieved a technological milestone. In addition to offering our latest ParkAdvance equipment, we have also successfully integrated a feature. This integration allows payments to be made through Adyen payment units when using our ParkAdvance equipment in conjunction with our ParkID software. Furthermore, payment data is now visible within their dedicated dashboard. It also means that paying visitors can pay contactless at the exit. As a result, we offer a state-of-the-art parking installation and a future-proof parking solution that ensures a comfortable parking experience for hotel guests, staff and other visitors alike.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Within the hotel chain, comfort and hospitality are of utmost importance, as is the parking aspect. Consequently, a user-friendly, swift, and dependable parking solution is essential.

    The request from the Van der Valk organization was to implement Adyen for managing (contactless) payment options at the exit. This, undoubtedly, enhances the overall parking experience.

    Furthermore, it is imperative for the system to effectively cater to the various user groups that visit the hotel.

  • The solution:

    The solution implemented at Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven-Best stands out due to its technological innovations. These include the ParkAdvance equipment featuring large 12.1'' touchscreens, coupled with a novel type of barcode reader technology. This enables the utilization of QR code technology and thus making payments via WPS PAY also a possibility.

    Moreover, a contactless payment option at the exit has been added, via Adyen's UX 410 payment units.

    Our parking solutions are specifically designed to provide maximum parking convenience for both hotel guests and staff. Driving in and out is easy based on license plate recognition, providing maximum hospitality.

  • The result:

    Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven-Best now has a future-proof parking solution. WPS has not only implemented specific hotel functionalities but has also gone the extra mile in collaboration with the hotel. Thanks to these introduced technological innovations, the hotel is well-equipped for the years ahead, enabling all user groups to park comfortably. This is in line with the customary approach of Van der Valk Hotels, where WPS is responsible for implementing efficient parking solutions.

    It's worth noting that we have already supplied parking solutions to numerous Van der Valk Hotels. Here's to more successful accomplishments together!



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