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Deventer Local Council

Deventer Local Council has been a client of WPS Parking Solutions for more than 10 years. Over the years, WPS has equipped the Brink Stationsplein, Polstraat, and Stadspoort garages with its innovative parking solutions.

All garages are linked together through a fiber-optic connection and managed from a single system. We recently updated the software and hardware where necessary, so that the system can be used without any problems for the next five years. In addition, we added license plate recognition to the system and have extended its features.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    Deventer Local Council wanted to facilitate payment through phone providers such as ParkMobile and YellowBrick, both outdoors in the streets and in parking garages. The Council also wanted to make it possible for residents holding a permit for street parking to park in the parking garages., as well as looking for a way to maximize the utilization rate of the parking facilities during off-peak hours, for example by offering discounts and combination tickets.
  • The solution:

    To facilitate payments through phone providers, we created a link with SHPV, a central database containing the license plates of all drivers using the apps supplied by phone providers. This is also linked to the parking systems in the parking garages in order to facilitate payment using apps such as ParkMobile, YellowBrick, and SMS Parking. Visitors receive a ticket when entering the parking facility to which the license plate is then linked, check in using the parking app, and exit the garage based on ANPR technology. The parking fees are paid using the app. Permit holders use a link to the permit system to enter and exit the parking garages through license plate recognition technology. To provide an additional service to visitors and to fill the parking facilities, we created an online store in conjunction with the Council. Visitors to our online store, for example, can purchase a parking pass from the nearest parking facility after purchasing theatre tickets.

    In addition, we added the ValID feature to make Deventer city center even more welcoming to visitors. Business owners can offer their guests or customers discounts through this application. The discount is linked to the exit ticket by scanning the barcode or entering the license plate number.

  • The result:

    The parking system can continue to be used without any problems over the next few years. We updated the software and hardware of the parking system and added new features. In addition to this extension giving the council a reliable parking solution, the city can now also offer the most state-of-the-art technologies and options.

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