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Parking Solutions for Shopping destinations

Many people value hospitality and convenience when they go out shopping, and that extends to parking as well. Parking facilities are also the places where visitors get their first and last impression of their shopping destination. Rapid processing during entry and exit, a logical sequence of use, clear communication on clear color display screens and appropriate payment solutions all combine to ensure a hospitable reception and encourage visitors to return, including during peak times around store opening and closing times and on public holidays. WPS Parking Solutions always offers an appropriate parking management solution and is highly experienced in providing parking solutions for retailers, supermarkets, and outlet stores and shopping centers.

Customer loyalty programs

As part of the extra services we provide, we can add customer loyalty programs to our parking solutions. This allows you, as an operator or manager, to offer retailers the option to grant discount on parking fees. A smart app is used to scan the barcode, or the license plate number is added to deduct the discount. If you are already using a customer loyalty program of some sort, we can easily link this to our parking system.

Detailed management reports

Our parking management system issues management reports providing information on the use of the parking facility, including average parking duration and your visitors’ country of origin. This information allows you to optimize customer experience, maximize your revenues and set up marketing campaigns for specific demographics. For even more options, including scheduled reports and customized dashboards, you can add the Enterprise Reporting Module to our ParkID system.

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