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Open & adaptive hardware

Through our open and adaptive approach, we provide both native as well as third-party hardware solutions.  

The powerful WPS platform is hardware interoperable and runs on our ParkAdvance equipment and third party installations such as Prestop Powered by WPS equipment. It delivers on our sustainable promise: we minimise our CO2 emissions by using as little (new) hardware as possible. Equipment lifecycles and maintenance contracts no longer stand in the way of optimising occupancy and improving the parking experience.


Robust, reliable and adaptive hardware.

The ParkAdvance system design is robust, reliable and long-lasting, designed specifically for maximum uptime and intuitive user experience.

The modular set-up enables a configuration that matches customer needs or
location specific requirements. The standard set-up offers different access and payment modules and touchscreens to choose from.

Recent projects

Katwijk Local Council

Prestop powered by WPS

Prestop supplies innovative, interactive high-end touch solutions. Prestop is renowned for its design and has a loyal base of sounding, international brands and resellers. 

As a certified ParkID partner, Prestop has selected 4 of its high-volume indoor payment kiosks for the parking vertical. By offering free standing models, a wall mounted model and a desk model, Prestop has a solution for any reception, shopping mall or hotel lobby.

WPS and Prestop certified those models together, making sure touch technology and payment devices work flawlessly inside the WPS platform.  Prestop easily passed the demands for build quality, ease of repair and availability of spare parts. 

ParkID Connect

Remove complexity and increase the number of customer journeys with your existing parking solution with ParkID. 

ParkID Connect transforms current proprietary parking equipment into a hardware interoperable solution without any upfront investments or disposing of perfectly functioning equipment. ParkID Connect extends the current system with a controller, QR-scanner and 4G connectivity to connect to the WPS platform. A platform that supports a multitude of new customer journeys.

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If you are looking for a serious reliable partner to realize your parking system, you have come to the right place. For more information you can always contact us.


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