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  • ParkAdvance Parking Equipment

Robust, reliable and adaptive hardware

The ParkAdvance system design is robust, reliable and long-lasting. It was designed specifically for maximum uptime and intuitive user experience. ParkAdvance runs ParkID natively, accommodating access to new customer journeys and improved operator services.

The modular set-up enables a configuration that matches customer needs or location specific requirements. The standard set-up offers different access and payment modules and touchscreens to choose from. As an option, ParkAdvance systems can be customised, with different colours, wrapping, specific RFID or intercom solutions. The adaptive, modular set-up is designed to support adding and/or replacing components and extending the lifecycle of the parking system, therefore reducing the carbon footprint.


  • Reliable and robust design

  • Maximising uptime by replacing consumables on-the-go

  • Easy to use: standard touch interface

  • Easy to maintain: easy access and standardised components

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Extended lifecycle, by adding and/replacing components

  • Accommodating all access & payment solutions

  • Customisation: colours and wrapping

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Katwijk Local Council

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