Discover WPS PAY: the smarter way to pay for parking

Bringing mobile payment convenience to your customers

WPS PAY, the smarter parking payment method, takes the customer experience to the next level by optimizing the parking convenience for parkers. WPS PAY is a flexible payment method, offering easy and instant payment of the parking fee by mobile phone. Searching for a pay station or waiting in the queue can be made a thing of the past. 

Experience how easy paying for parking can be

With this modern payment solution, the customer can pay their parking fee directly from their mobile phone instead of the pay station by simply scanning the QR-code on their parking ticket or through a strategically placed signage for ANPR only parking facilities.

The customer is instantly directed to the WPS PAY platform where they have the possibility to pay the parking fee with their payment solution of choice and leave the parking facility with a smile.

Watch the video on the right for a demonstration on how it works! 

Suitable for every customer journey

WPS PAY can be used for every type of customer journey, whether it be a ticketed or paperless one.

If your parking facility works with a ticketed system, motorists can easily scan the QR-code on their parking ticket and are instantly redirected to the WPS PAY platform, where payment can take place.

For ANPR only parking facilities (paperless) the QR-code that visitors have to scan can be strategically placed on signage inside and outside your facility.

This makes WPS PAY a flexible solution and easily adoptable within existing systems. 

WPS PAY offers operators many benefits:

    • Improved user experience for the motorist: WPS PAY increases the convenience for consumers, and thereby enhancing the parking experience;
    • All common payment methods accepted: All common payment methods are supported, such as Ideal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or even Payconiq;
    • Lower investment as fewer expensive paystations are needed: WPS PAY reduces the need for payment terminals, resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Predictable costs with all-in tariff

With the all-in-one pricing for each transaction, WPS PAY covers both the use and all payment transaction costs at once. 

At any moment you can upgrade your WPS PAY account to Volume subscription. Based on the yearly agreed volumes and chosen payment methods, a more attractive all-in-one transaction fee can be given. 

Start using WPS PAY immediately without additional contracts

With WPS PAY there are no additional contracts needed with the payment provider. Via an online onboarding process you are ready to start with WPS PAY within a matter of minutes;

Seamless parking payments for motorists visiting Theatre Het Park in Hoorn

One of our customers, Municipality Hoorn, is using WPS PAY at location Theatre Het Park. 

This location in particular experiences frequent peak times; motorists entering and leaving the parking facility to visit a show. Municipality Hoorn aims to provide a smooth customer journey, one where the motorist can easily pay for parking and leave the theatre on a high note.

Watch the video on the right where Chantal van der Wolk, Parking Manager at Municipality Hoorn, talks about the reason of implementation and their experience with WPS PAY. 

Customers using WPS PAY

  • Municipality Hoorn

  • Ajax De Toekomst

  • Municipality Westland

  • MECC Maastricht

  • Isala Zwolle

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